Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Day in the Park

Kaoru belongs to a friend, but Ylle befriended him and insisted he at least make an appearance in her adventure. After all, he did help rescue her a time or two

                                                Kaoru: Elly? ELLY! Where are you!
                                         Elly: SURPRISE!!!

                                         Elly: Tee hee hee ... he'll never find me
                                         Kaoru: Why is she in a tree?
                                         Kaoru: Sit here with me a bit, ye wee heathen.
                                          Kauru: NOW where did she get to?
                                          Elly: Whooooooa!
                                          Kauru: Don't you even fall in that river!
                                         Kaoru: I swear you're impossible!

                                         Elly: Hey! I'm getting sleepy.                                  
                                         There's room for you too <3
                                         **yawns**....Kaoru will keep me safe.....

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